Gravity. Public Beta Released!

4:47 AM Edited by Blony

Released at last, even the public beta of Gravity v1.00, certainly the most evolved Twitter client and rich in potential appeared today as native S60 application.

Many potential Gravity, of which we have already discussed some time ago. Rivediamole:

-compatible with Twitter and Laconia;
-of all functions: Tweet, replies, direct messages, and follow unfollow discussions, managing bookmarks, search, auto-update, etc..;
-sight, divided by tab, its timeline, responses, messages, contacts, etc..
-management of multiple accounts;
-Section Twitter-Search tab to search multiple Twitter and Trends;
-ability to send images through TwitPic;
-URL opened by any Tweet
-Kinetic scrolling support to on S60v5 (Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97);
-support themes on S60v3.

Gravity is a pity that a payment (cost € 7,80). This is really his only flaw ...;)