PayPal continues to expand its mobile business and prepares its SDK

8:09 AM Edited by Blony

As you may have seen last week, PayPal completed an agreement with RIM that will allow users to purchase applications through the online payment system in the new BlackBerry App Store World.

But obviously not going to be nothing on the ground rolling. In a note of BusinessWeek, the senior vice president of PayPal, Jack Stephenson (responsible for defining the strategic direction of the company) revealed that for the future are working on ways to make the system available to millions of low-end mobile that do not have internet access and even cell phones of people without credit cards or bank accounts.

One idea is to get money in your PayPal account through an employer's direct deposit or using a prepaid card could be purchased at local businesses.

The executive also said that they are developing the SDK so that developers can work more easily with the platform (planned launch this year) and tomorrow is the annual reunion of analysis that may arise developments.