Nokia Comes With Music to launch in India

8:12 AM Edited by Blony

The service Comes With Music Nokia is expanding a little to everyone and remember that it is expected to step over this Latin American lands 2009 (hopefully without DRM).

At this moment, is only available in the UK and Singapore, and is about to come to Australia in a week. And it seems that the next country where Comes With Music will be India and while not the exact date, is expected to be before mid-2009.

Undoubtedly it will be a great test for the service as one of the largest mobile markets in the world where users must pay to buy special editions of mobile subscriptions will come free for a year or two.

After this period, users can download the amount of music they want and save it on their mobile phones or computers even after the subscription.

According to Chandan Dang, general manager of Nokia India, Comes With Music will be offered in low-end mobile to better target the customers in the country.