Failed project's first cellular Argentina

8:05 AM Edited by Blony

Over 2 years we felt that the project was delayed, which did not have sufficient technical support, which was not foreseen the economic viability, which was soon desinflaría interest (with the consequent disappearance of the cover of newspapers) and that nobody was going to investigate anything about the project's first cellular Argentina.

In August 2005, the first cell Argentine "was launched during an act of government that gave nearly 1 million pesos a project where a manufacturing firm provided phones at a cost of 100 pesos (about $ 33), competitive for low-end computers, and even said that, at the behest of the government, the companies had pledged to sign purchase orders. "We'll have a cell phone 70 percent of Argentina, but more importantly they will be the cheapest of the cellular world," that was the big announcement.

All this was nothing and the money is no longer, according to information from the daily profile, the owner of the firm argues that the money was used to develop a single prototype of the first cellular Argentina and that "the project cost that and more, we had to put money in our business, "regrettably the providers were not interested and then the project was nothing" and that "the device is now obsolete, because it's low-end." Thus the company had fulfilled its part of the agreement, the government and also because he never demanded the company guarantees the feasibility of entering the market.

We regret very much the story of the first cellular Argentina finished well and not provided a little more some of the variables that make a project feasible, and only have spent the money on a simple prototype similar to Nokia 1100 . Andalusia Vergatario Surely, the first mobile phone made entirely in Venezuela, which will take MP3, FM radio and a camera at a price of 30 Bolivares strong, equivalent to $ 13.95, otherwise the provision is estimated at $ 19 million investment made to launch it.