Venezuela will manufacture the "Vergatario," a $ 14 mobile

8:02 AM Edited by Blony

. With the promise of being the cheapest mobile phone market, the Venezuelan president himself recently announced the start of production of Vergatario, the first mobile phone made entirely in Venezuela, which will take MP3, FM radio and a camera. Will be priced at 30 Bolivares strong, equivalent to $ 13.95.

The model was launched in May, on the occasion of Mother's Day, and a former minister of the Chavez government, the current president of Movilnet mobile operator, said it "will be the cheapest in the market and will be marketed during a special promotion." The Vergatario is actually a ZTE 362 ZTE 366 or equipment that are not many pictures or specifications, we only caught up in the Venezuelan TV.

The production of Vergatario, as we anticipate a few months ago, will be in Vetelca, a company of the Venezuelan government in conjunction with the Chinese firm ZTE a plan that foresees a production of 600,000 terminals this year, 1 million terminals in 2010 and is scheduled by 2011 the figure is 2 million. This joint venture, 85% of the Venezuelan government and 15% of ZTE, is framed by an agreement to install predicted "social enterprise" collaboration between the governments of Venezuela and China.

Indeed, Vergatario is a popular slang word in the Venezuelan "vergatario uses the adjective to describe people who are quality. Reliable, responsible, successful, or even good people, friendly and popular. these are some of the virtues attributed to him vergatarios.