Mobile Viewer for BlackBerry: The most ugly accessory of all?

9:36 AM Edited by Blony

. If you are a user of Blackberry and like to draw attention this could help: for only $ 9 in the U.S. you can get this awful curious accessory blackberry, you will draw even more attention outdoors, and reading these emails unpostponable, while protecting your Blackbeery when not in use.

We have to gather courage to use it, but come on, do not remove original rioja rioja ugly.

The other good news is that it will surely not available in our markets for long. And while on the site of the accessory promoted as an aid to increase the privacy of the reading of messages, we can live without this detail.


  1. Anonymous said...

    oh my gosh that is hideous. it looks like a joke. only it's not. lol