NVIDIA Tegra HD brings to Smartphones

9:39 AM Edited by Blony

. No matter how much it has improved a smartphone. Others we will always want more processing power, as with the PC. And the manufacturers know this, as long are engaged in a tireless career resources (more speed, more memory, more screen, more features, etc.).

As part of the new round in this fight Mariano showed us some time presenting the Chipset nVIDIA Tegra of the company with a couple of videos that idea gave us the potential of the platform.

And if we saw yesterday as the HTC's roadmap for 2009 includes the processor from its most advanced equipment, after the jump we will review the characteristics of the processor that we see great promise as part of the best smartphones of the year.

Among the salient features by nVIDIA for this platform are:

--NVIDIA HD AVP (audio processor and high definition video) with PureVideo ® technology: capable of capturing HD video playback or 720 on mobile devices (and I mean nobody phones ...). Image quality "unprecedented" breeding more real low CPU utilization and low power consumption (at this point we're going to believe them at least to prove a "mobile device" that includes this processor)
--Superior image: well-defined images with up to 12 Mpx camera with stabilization algorithm in the chip. "Image Signal Processor (ISP or image signal processor) integrated with proprietary algorithms that allow image stabilization and motion tracking rostoros and advanced modes of focus.
--NVDIA ULP GeForce technology: Technology with GeForce graphics architecture for applications with low power consumption. With 3D interface based capabilities in a single framework for better browsing experience on the web browser.
--NVDIA Npower ™ technology: Allows the industry and HD videos on your MP3 Phone numbers longer or mobile devices. Optimizes the energy consumption of the system.
--Dual-display subsystem for flexibility of use: What can watch a movie on a screen with HDMI output and use while your device as remote control or display your photos on a TV while you go into your phone.

And beyond the features of the new gadgets are increasingly a news media;) is really amazing what we see here a little on the phones or mobile devices. More video quality, less power consumption and CPU, and ultimately, an enriched user experience on our gadgets. nVIDIA: We will be watching more closely.


  1. Mikes said...

    Great info about smart phone. i especially like the HIGH HD video. everybody is HD nowadays. Just right for them to follow.