Mobile TV. Finland seeks to solve problems that are like failure!

5:56 AM Edited by Blony

It seems that mobile TV will not be able to gear. So much so that even in Finland, one of the European countries that, given the presence of Nokia, it should be one of the largest users, the mobile phone TV (or Kännykkä TV, such as those called by the parties) is slow to take off.

And for this reason that the Ministry for Transport and Communications has decided locally to establish a new task force to understand what went wrong and how to intervene.

Matches in May 2007, the Finnish telephone television have sadly had to serve, first, the high price of the terminals necessary for the reception and later, now that the price begins to fall, the lack of content available (some networks have even ceased its broadcasts, last autumn).

Solutions? Certainly increase the accessibility of mobile portals and television networks make it possible to download movies in a not too dissimilar from what happens now with Youtube.

In the words of Järnefelt Mirka, Chair of the Task Force:

We are not interested in using technology in particular, but what concerns
is to promote as much as possible the market for mobile TV. All options are

In short, I see evil for DVB-H;)