Latest releases on Nokia N-Gage: Prince of Persia and Need for Speed Undercover

5:52 AM Edited by Blony

Latest Releases gaming platform on the second generation of Nokia N-Gage. New titles arriving in the catalog for the game software house Finnish, Prince Of Persia and Need For Speed Undercover.

Two titles for anything unknown to the public of mobile gamers, how can we forget that the first was one of the building of military games, and the second one of the samples collected for the simulated car arcade. Prince Of Persia, is designed with a breathtaking three-dimensional graphics and an opportunity for exploration of landscapes rich in detail: the demo has a weight of no less than 26MB.

Need For Speed Undercover, transposition dell'omonimo title for the various platforms, provides a charge of reckless racing with adrenaline on large displacement engine, the demo weighs about 3MB. Both games have a cost of € 10. To download the free demo version, simply visit the Catalog section of N-Gage client. For a list of compatible terminals, and more information, please to the official site.