Telecom Argentina and its online music store

6:54 AM Edited by Blony

. The mobile operator Telecom Argentina, Personal, Personal Music has just launched its online music store that can be accessed from both mobile and desktop computers and notebooks. The store is in an agreement with Sony, Magenta, Warner and Universal, as it offers such labels.

The store offers full songs, wallpapers, ringtones, truetones and polyphonic videos in a format suitable for mobile phones. Prices range from 0.51 cents to 2.50 Argentine pesos, about 15 to about 70 U.S. cents, but there are some songs and promotional videos with 2 × 1 two that download content to a price. Each content can be downloaded up to three times within 24 hours of purchase and does not indicate whether they are achieved by some form of DRM.

Telecom Personal had entered the business of backtones, so who knows this business (the one from mobile music downloads are 50% of the revenue from the music industry in digital format in the world) and surely will have more news in brief when it starts to popularize, for now just because the opportunities for such businesses.