iPhone OS 3.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch

4:48 AM Edited by Blony

Apple finally made the official presentation of the improvements to the operating system of the iPhone and iPod Touch, iPhone OS 3.0 that I personally see it as correcting some of the requests of some users and a very great improvement for developers ... but go with the data.

IPhone OS 3.0 SDK for developers:
For developers Apple opens more APIs (say 1000 is new) but some things are impressive:

1. The possibility that the applications are directly interfaced to the computer
accessories ..
2. Integrating Google Maps into the third-party applications
with an API
3. Peer-to-peer connections so you can share data with any
device that use Bonjour as "channel"
4. Purchases within the applications
themselves with In-App Purchases what, for example, would allow you to download
an application guide to cities and go buy the details of each city directly from
the interface of the application when they need it or buy a new gun in a game if
you look at bay .. the options are endless and open up a new door to monetize!
Users of the iPhone OS 3.0:
Will see many of the things complained solved and maybe something new that they like but nothing as big as for (so far) to jump to buy an iPhone .. again;)

1. Cut, Copy and Paste ... nobody uses but they all complained, and Apple came
up with a version that cut, copy and paste HTML and images .. Tomá;)
Support for MMS messages and forward
3. Support for Bluetooth A2DP stereo
4. Capado removed the power of Bluetooth for use with any accessory
Universal Search
6. Improvements in several Apple applications: Stocks,
Mail, SMS, Notes, Calendar and a new Voice Memo is called .. to record voice