Skype and the taste of consumers

4:51 AM Edited by Blony

. When forecasting the industry are not good and although the use of mobile internet to grow I see in the blog GigaOm an interesting research which ensures that Skype:

-62% of users do not see your phone as an extension of your computer. He added: But it is astonishing that 38% already doing;)
-"Only" 23% of users feel that the study had at least the same level of control over their mobile devices on their computers.
-70% have never downloaded an application onto their mobile phones.
-67% wanted to choose applications from their phones for himself and not the carrier that they choose.

And though not only has to do with Skype, the study says users are starting to think their Smartphones as small computers. Nearly one in five users in the UK and U.S., and 27% of Spanish users or 28% of Japanese users.

And while the operators are not very happy with the strategy of skype, it seems to me that in times of crisis, and with so much competition in the segment of the VoIP applications (with other clients such as Fringe, Nimbuzz and to mention only a par, biting the heels) all actions, adding to the strategy of Skype is not over.

The tip is missing from the poll: Show what is the skype user profile and give you tools to operators so that Skype will be attractive in some way, because at least in today's world nobody can go against the owner pipe;)