From Cupertino, any news on the new iPhone OS 3.0

5:37 AM Edited by Blony

The conference in Cupertino, from 10 am local (our 18), opens with Greg Joswiak, Apple vice president, which provides detailed numbers: 13.7 million iPhone sold, 800 thousand downloads for the SDK (developer suite ), 25 thousand applications on App Store. The latter has received and accepted approximately 96% of applications submitted by developers, who earn 70% of revenues.

We start with the news. Purchase In-App, a sort of shop-a subsidiary of App Store, where developers can sell more related content (such as levels of a game, etc.). New API for developers, about 1,000 new that will be used to extend the functionality of applications and games, for example, the use of Bluetooth in them and not only, or even streaming video and audio to adapt to the amount of bandwidth available instantly. Another new feature, as suspected, the use of additional maps and GPS navigation offline.

The technology for multitasking, is called Push Notification and ad hoc designed to reduce consumption (in terms of autonomy) to 20%, notify the user that wants to leave in "background" application, if needed this alert on a new event. Awaited feature copy and paste: before 100 other new features of the iPhone OS 3.0.

First of all, support MMS, you can send, receive photos, and delete individual messages. It will be possible to use the keyboard in landscape mode in applications such as email, calendar, and much more. Spotlight this program, which allows you to search locally on the device: on the anniversaries, contacts, messages and so on.

Continuing between the various features, there is a shuffle mode to switch from one song to another chance. Safari Mobile, adds a filter pishing and a password manager that will improve the experience (already excellent) navigation.

What's missing? The plug-in for Flash, as there was to be expected, unfortunately, though, even if it is not clear what will be "open" the bluetooth, a strong limit of the iPhone remain in multimedia. It will not be possible to shoot movies.

The release of the firmware, done by the summer and will be free for iPhone devices, and a payment of $ 9.95 (currently about € 7) for the iPod touch. The suite of development, the SDK is already available in beta ready for download. For a complete list of the various features, please post the summary of the cousins of melablog.