Air France, KLM and the electronic ticket on mobile phone

5:35 AM Edited by Blony

The news is a couple of days ago but it offers excellent food for thought and future hopes in a less bureaucratic linked to cards, tickets and slow procedures.

AIR FRANCE and KLM have upgraded the e-ticket system, allowing passengers to use the phone as a ticket in order to arrive at the gate without having to print your boarding pass (with the risk of forgotten at home) and you can check in at flight.

Born on a pilot deals (Paris-Amsterdam-Paris), the e-ticket "furniture" will spread - hopefully not slow - in all flights in Europe, so that we can receive your boarding card via SMS, MMS or email .

No paper, time and far less chance of making the check-in while arriving at the airport directly from the phone.

Not bad right? And if the e-ticket on cellular spreading for train tickets, concerts, public transport ticket and a good meal? Ok, maybe now we are running a little 'too!