With success come to Europe the "import taxes extra" for smartphones

6:27 AM Edited by Blony

. The market for smartphones is growing with the success of devices like the HTC Touch Diamond, Nokia N96, and of course the Apple iPhone, without discarding what is coming with the Nokia N97, the BlackBerry Storm and HTC G1. That's why some are thinking that way to get economic returns to all this and the European Union is considering raising taxes on imports of such equipment.

Thus, if the project progresses, smartphones will have a rate of import into the European community of up to 14% compared to 0% currently have, so it will be more expensive for consumers. In this sense some of EICTA company (such as Motorola, Apple, SonyEricsson and Nokia, among others) are against and are already working towards this project does not progress.

Another important issue is the definition of smartphone, which will be much discussion as not all serve the same functions and can not be equated with each other. The news is vague for now, but it is mentioned that would include all the mobile phones that have GPS, Mobile TV, Multimedia, etc..