Study on Mobile Internet 2.0

6:23 AM Edited by Blony

"The convergence of technical and consumer today allow hybridization between mobile devices and Web 2.0, creating a symbolic space and new business called Mobile Web 2.0, that is the starting point of the study Mobile Web 2.0. Theoretical-technical framework and developing trends that made Hugo Pardo Kuklinski, Joel Brandt and Juan Pablo Puerta for Stanford University.

Made a very interesting table that summarizes the work under CC license that can be downloaded (pdf) in English or Spanish.

"Mobile devices can capture content from the point of inspiration and the Web 2.0 adds the principle of collective intelligence through a taxonomy created by users, promoting a new Mobile Data Industry in tune with the ethics of architecture of the participation and beyond text messaging, ringtones and other resources offered by the operators, "reflect on the phenomenon that keeps growing.