The iPhone flatulence generate super profits

6:29 AM Edited by Blony

Reseñabamos few days ago the number of applications disposed gases emit sounds of flatulence and that added to the iTunes store after Apple decided to drop the restrictions on the entry. Now there is a first major success story, told directly by the creator of one of these applications, iFart Mobile.

It turns out, after having been rejected, entered the store on June 12 along with 14 other similar applications on the same day. Sold at $ 0.99, about 75 applications and was considered a good day of sales in competition with other applications.

A few days later began to sell more and climbing positions in the rankings, sometimes something normal for any application, the position of 70 games between now be 16, bottom of the second page of search andalusia half of the first.

This is where the great play he made his fortune as the manner of presenting the results we have with iTunes What's Hot made his remaining in the first game and ranking in general, plus the chance to come out as some reviews ours (when they were under the 4th screenshot of that day), I came to wonder: in 10 days were able to sell around 42,000 copies of the application made with 70% of what they touched, about $ 30,000 of earnings. That stopped the statistics show, a little modesty, a little not to tempt fate and continue to win the money.

The last day of public statistical iFart Mobile, December 22 and the top overall ranking, having sold 13,274 units, reports, then 30% for Apple, about $ 9198 per day. confirming that the iPhone and the iTunes store are a money making machine!

Here are several things you learn early is that you can earn virtual fortune with flatulence, the second is that the developers were right when they complained about the absurd restrictions of Apple in approving applications. Another thing that would be interesting to try with this application and moemto this is how one could confirm the theory of price elasticity demand, which could raise the price, earning more money and see how the market responds downloads, all measurements with very cortitas up to 6-12 hours.

Surely, after this story of success and money, many developers are planning to put that application in the store, including flatulence and gases!

And you what are you going?