Test: Are you addicted to your cell phone?

12:35 AM Edited by Blony

As Alexander van Elsas said in his post "Are you enslaved to your mobile, these days we are becoming slaves to our habits of communication.

And there's no doubt that smartphones like the BlackBerry or iPhone (which grow ever more in sales) plus 3G data plans are free of addiction and large generators that give us the opportunity to check our mails all the time or interaction the various social networks in addition to other functions (remember that phones really are not: P). Hence we can also add camera-phones and the number of pictures that are taken every day from them.

If you answer in the affirmative to 3 of the questions in this test addiction andalusia cellular undoubtedly those enslaved to your mobile device. Here we are not going to judge anyone-in fact I got a lot more than 3) - but it is a good way to raise awareness and see if they want to change their habits of use (if you already know it is difficult but not impossible). I would like to know that our readers get results, which will depend on the type of mobile ... and have Mariano, Paul Christian and gain respect?

Never are you going to your house without your cell phone? Do you feel
uncomfortable or weird if you do it?
Grab your device as soon as you have to
wait more than 30 seconds?
Miras your mobile, or even use it while someone
is standing near you talking?
Check your email or messages every few
minutes, although there has been any new ones in the last minutes?
Do you
use while looking TV, or worse, while talking to the husband, wife, boyfriend or
Do you use while you're in the bathroom? Have you ever dropped you
In an aircraft, turn off your mobile off? or even turn it off?
What clothing before leaving the plane, or "ground"?
Do you use the cell
phone while talking with customers, coworkers, family or friends?
Does your
child have to wait to say something to you until you are done checking your
Got the battery always empty and you always complain about that?
Leave your cell phone near you when you're durmiedo?