Palm continues to grow thanks to Palm Pre

12:40 AM Edited by Blony

24 hours after the launch of the new Pre Palm, Palm shares had doubled in price in the U.S. stock market, right after his presentation at CES 2009 and millions of investment fund investments by Bono of U2. This could be understood as a reaction or simply as a "recovery value" of the company, as many weeks, without major new news, the stock price remains up there and to have no changes of any kind.

The strategy of pre and Palm with Palm OS Web is clear, is looking to sell 3.3 million units in 2009 and reach 6.5 million by 2010, recovering some of the leadership position that he take over in the 90s PDAs.

Recall that Palm has made other moves in recent times, for example, as shown Mariano already beginning to see the influence of hiring some former executives of Apple, Jon Rubinstein as (responsible for the iPod division at Apple until last year), Linn Fox (public relations at Apple), Mike Bell (Vice President of Product Development) and Von Rospach CHUQ (Software Architect).

What we can not allow is the negative attitude that generate certain actions similar to those you criticize Apple as the Pre Palm can not be used as a modem, and what we must seize the trend is positive for the super user can buy a smartphone free with the signing of a contract for two years as the family promised Acer Tempo.