Top 10 Android applications

12:29 AM Edited by Blony


Just came out the same week that the first applications for paid Android platform, T-Mobile UK does the list of Top 10 Android applications downloaded. Some are high quality, go over the list:

1.The Weather Channel
2.MySpace Mobile
4.Daily Horoscope,
5.Free Dictionary Org,
8.Barcode Scanner
9.Save MMS,
10.Compare Everywhere.

Very different ranking of the Top 10 Android applications in late 2008 with a list of the best applications on Android Market:

1.Anycut: Create a shortcut to any function,
2.Compare Everywhere: scan barcodes to compare prices
3.Shazam: a tool to identify songs, like the iPhone,
4.TuneWiki: grab lyrics from the internet and passes while playing,
5.Video Player: obviously, video player,
6.Power Manager controls all the things you can spend a lot of battery,
7.WikiTude: overlaps with Wikipedia articles geolocalizados of camera view,
8.PhoneFusion Visual Voicemail: To see your voicemail,
9.Chomp SMS mimics the iPhone interface to send SMS and adds haptic feedback,
10.Locale: a framework with many functions based on the GPS as ringtones can be different depending on location.