Simulator for mobile data plans to choose 3G

1:21 AM Edited by Blony

. According to an assessment that we'll use the 3.5G connection, Movistar plan recommends that we choose. It does so through an interactive simulator that takes into account all forms of use of mobile internet connection high-speed 3G.

The user enters various types and frequency of use, for example, how long chat by day, week or month, how many videos you can see, how many or how many drop mp3 mails fall, also by day, week or month. The way of entering data is very clear, as shown below:

We therefore recommend the plan best suited to such use. As can be seen below, confirms that the plan is that I hired for my ideal way to use mobile internet:

An interesting way to promote data plans, because the greatest fear of any user is to have a plan or pay many oversized additional.