Microsoft will offer all services of Navteq, Nokia

1:17 AM Edited by Blony

. The company of Nokia, Navteq, and the developer of Windows Mobile, Microsoft, has indefinitely extended the agreement of collaboration that united for 10 years. Microsoft will have full access to the 74 countries covered by the database and all Navteq maps geolocation services that Navteq has developed on them.

Location-based services, which makes its Navteq strong, are the axis on which it develops a new generation of value added services offered by mobile operators and service companies.

Thus, Nokia buying Navteq has invested much effort in Plazes, Nokia Maps and bet heavily on its Microsoft Windows Live Virtual Earth and, after going through his (failed ¿?) SLAM mobile social network, both in competition with Google Earth and Maps from Google.

Among all the services that Microsoft can use Navteq are the following:

Extended Listings, which includes hundreds of thousands of catalogs designed for the business categories of customization and a selection of destinations optimized.
NAVTEQ Discover Cities, which provides information about the streets and public transport network to facilitate a multi-modal and pedestrian navigation.
NAVTEQ Transport, which includes an increasing number of attributes to meet the specific demands of the transport industry, providing an advanced navigation for trucks, as well as an allocation of routes and an optimized allocation of goods.
NAVTEQ Voice, which translates the names and designation of locations in a phonetic language, allowing applications to generate voice instructions to allow users to target and interact with the navigation systems of a natural and intuitive way.

One of these partnerships we enjoy with the users, as will align for better services.