MWC09: Nokia and XLBrowser to navigate through SMS

12:49 AM Edited by Blony

Interesting concept recently introduced in partnership with Nokia XLBrowser for developing countries, particularly Africa where GSM and EDGE networks are unreliable, this is basically a browser, instead of navigating through traditional packet data relies on the sending text messages to display the information you see on display.

And when we speak we speak of information from sites in WA to currency conversion or games (which is not yet imagine) and it is interesting to be seen as a way to break the digital divide, while the companies continue with the model simplmente message text as a source of income .... There are times that the innovative use of SMS is in those markets and not in others, for example in Africa began with micro text messages and shipments of balances which are then exchanged and so forth.

Now with the integration within the XLBrowser the S40 has a good distribution network. Via MoCo News