MWC09: Telefonica Spain and its base becomes HSDPA WIFI

12:51 AM Edited by Blony

. Telefonica introduced the Mobile World Congress an accessory that surprises me at least from their point of view of business, the basis of GSM MiFi 2352 Novatel Wireless enables you to make a data connection GSM/3G and share it with up to 5 users to convert in WIFI.

What surprises me because I say? Because the idea of selling data plans with flat rate always have some "trick" I lowered the speed to reach a certain limit or not allow certain applications such as VoIP and this accessory is meant as a Femtocell and picocell but shares with WIFI ... at least strange.

Via EngadgetMobile (because with the ridiculous amount of releases that we sent that Telefónica should have had)