MWC09: SIMSense SIM card with a motion sensor

12:46 AM Edited by Blony

AcelerĂ³mentros and the motion sensors are one of the trends of 2009 that in fact a long time with a Nokia N95 became accustomed to applications that allow you to manage your phone with only shake or rotate the muted or put down or face-changing Theme andalusia shake these things will they sound?

These are all technologies that are used in equipment for medium / high range but the only people SIMSense just introduced something that could be revolutionary because it includes a motion sensor inside a SIM card that has the same features that have the actual cards

The only control that I see is that the segment of the SIM cards, is a segment that shows both alaguna innovation but rarely see the market does anyone remember the SIM with 1GB of memory for important contacts or photos? Or the memory card with WiFi we saw almost 3 years ago? The truth is that these implementations could generate new business ecosystems and the operators could find new sources of income .. at least if they sell applications or services that take advantage of this;)