The market for smartphones in Argentina

4:38 AM Edited by Blony

. Enrique Carrier, the Carrier and Associates consulting firm, always providing great reports on the IT and Telecom Argentina and the region. This time we echo his latest report on the smartphone market in Argentina, the market in 2008 grew by 170% over 2007, falling to 3.7% of the total market for mobile phones, something very interesting.

In terms of participation by brand, the Argentine market is very similar to global smartphone market, where Nokia and Blackberry are carried 3 / 4 of the market.

Argentina's smartphone market dominated by Nokia with 44% market share, followed by Blackberry with 23%, Motorola with 15% of Apple iPhone with 11%.

Carrier stresses particularly the case for the iPhone in Argentina, with a 11% market share but stalled because the bulk of its sales are concentrated in the month of its official launch (Movistar and Claro) and then in the following months, there was little interest from the public on the computer.