The future of Motorola is in China and the TD-SCDMA?

4:33 AM Edited by Blony

. Motorola is getting worse, only 8% of the total market for mobile telephony and the global net loss of $ 397 million in Q3 2008, so their actions are considered garbage to S & P. Now try to exploit the envión to generate the newly allocated spectrum for 3G in China saved.

As we know, Motorola has 15% of Chinese market and 20% of the smartphone that country, a market growing at 12% per annum and that Nokia wants to take care as if it were gold. Because of all this is that it is very likely that Motorola does not rule out China, with its TD-SCDMA as its horizon in this new change of direction.

In this sense China Mobile and Motorola are already working on the TD-SCDMA standard and Motorola has done his first team with this dual band technology, L800t, a GSM / GPRS and TD-SCDMA.