China already has over 633 million mobile users

4:39 AM Edited by Blony

It is amazing the speed with which the mobile phone continues to progress in China. Less than half a year had 600 mobile phone users and now the number came to 633.84 million (as of November) and is overcome by the whole of Europe. All of them with only 3 operators: China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom.

The information comes from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China and the most surprising thing is that it represents only 47.3% of the population, estimated at 1320 million. Then, the amount of millions of users who still do not have a cell phone is a huge potential for companies that none should be ignored. Remember that Nokia has 70 percent of smartphones in the country followed by Motorola.

Another interesting fact is that all nombiembre 2008, Chinese users sent over 56 billion text messages. Bit: P