Argentina: the mobile phone comes in a "downward trend"

4:41 AM Edited by Blony

According to a report by consultancy Sectoral Economic Research (IES), the mobile phone market in Argentina has entered a "downward trend". There are currently 37 million lines in service, a total of nearly 46 million installed lines, because many of them are technologically obsolete phones that their owners no longer use.

"Both the monthly and year-average show a clear trend. This would seem to indicate that the segment has entered a gradual maturity, given its high penetration, so the motor market will fall increasingly on technological renovation, although this factor is affected by the domestic economic slowdown, which has constrained consumption and delayed intentions of renewal "

Or in other words: who wants a mobile phone already has it and, because of the global economic crisis, people no longer buy mobile whim, only to renew technology generations.