It is now possible "to give his condolences by text message

1:10 AM Edited by Blony

New technologies also enter the funeral industry and it is now possible "to give his condolences to the bereaved family by text message. The service is implemented the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, and is published daily in the Obituaries section, a list of the deceased whose relatives have agreed to receive messages to mobile condolences of loved ones.

The service is available in the print edition of the newspaper, and next to the name of the deceased, a numeric code to send text messages. With this code is to send an SMS with the keyword 'Condolence M', the code of the deceased, then the message for the family.

What for some is a way too cold and impersonal, expressing condolences for others is a way to facilitate the sending of greetings to the people who are away or do not know how to contact the family by being that once had some affection.

Another option is that if the deceased had taken the mobile to the tomb, we could send a text message direct to your mobile phone, or call and leave a voicemail message on the answer ... if we are in trouble!

The cost of the service is 1.50 euros plus tax per message sent. All very Mobile 2.0 and a guaranteed income for life!