Google is closing its mobile social network released Dodgeball and Jaiku

1:08 AM Edited by Blony

. 3 years ago, Google bought 2 years ago, and Google bought Jaiku. By the time Mariano said Google wanted to cover everything, and well, Google is great but not yet! Now tell us, from the Google blog, two bad news for the mobile world:

The first is that he decided to close the mobile social network Dodgeball and not give too much explanation, just at a time when mobile social networks continue to grow and mixi and Facebook to their mobile users by millions.

The second is that they decided to discontinue the development and release Jaiku, a port to Google App Engine to then convert it to an open source microblogging platform. At that time Google will no longer actively developing the code Jaiku, leaving a community development comprised of enthusiasts who work at Google it in their spare time.