Akstoy service for mobile location Facebook

1:13 AM Edited by Blony

. Akstoy is a mobile tracking service that integrates with Facebook and provides information about the location of people or places that are near the user's location or somewhere in a particular city.

The basic service is free and allows a system to invite Facebook contacts and then access the location of them in real time on a city map. To install it you just have to find the application on Facebook, sign up and invite friends.

The premium service costs between $ 1 and $ 2 monthly and enables services such as banks, pharmacies, coffee shops or sites with special offers and discounts. In addition to display on the map the properties for sale in the area where the user is located.

The teams do not need GPS to locate on the map as the Java-based application provides an approximate location based on GSM cell or the demarcation of the user. Each friend will appear as a green dot, while the points of interest will be other colors. According to information provided by the application, the user has total control of who, or who allows them to visualize their location, not to invade their privacy with an opt-in methodology.

The project stems from the company Spinnova from Chile and is still under development but the developers plan to launch it for all the countries of Latin America during 2009. In all cases of iran's hand a mobile operator and the first month is free. Today they are starting work with Movistar Chile, but are not exclusive and is open to other companies in the sector.

How we had Fabio Caballero, location-based services (LBS) and social networks are two important trends in the development of so-called Mobile 2.0 and Akstoy is a clear demonstration of the steps in this development.