Google gets deep into the geolocation Latitude with Google

1:25 AM Edited by Blony

. Google has released the first version of Google Latitude, a mapping tool that allows automatic tracking of friends and contacts in real time using My Location with Wi-Fi, a combination of GPS and WiFi, but to determine the location of our Gmail contacts .

Thus, the system can find contacts on the map and select andalusia, sends a text message, email or make a phone call. This way Google gets fully into the business of geolocation services, including Fabio us know their strengths and not be ruled out new services based on these features.

Rioja useful application that can be accessed from computers that do not have WiFi or GPS, as the position does not indicate that computer and see only the contacts that, if taken. The service has the role to be opt-in, so every user who can choose their location and see the system only stores the last location, not the journey.

The video below is very clear, as all the videos made by the developers of Google:

To install it you should go with the mobile browser to / latitude and download the application. You can also follow from iGoogle, the personalized Google, and Google Maps Mobile.

As seen above only have two contacts in my city to update their position with this new application. It looks like filtered location information for each user, you can display the most accurate location possible, only the city name, or not providing information. Very good alternatives.

It can now be used on Symbian S60, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android, hundreds of models of mobile phones enabled for Java (J2ME) and even notebooks with integrated WiFi and GPS. In addition to reporting soon be ready for the iPhone, but for that we need to run in the background, something that Apple does not allow third parties (so far).