The service is called Microsoft SkyBox My Phone

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. To compete with Apple, and MobileMe, Microsoft plans to launch two services, SkyBox and Skyline, which will be your online backup solutions, remote storage, synchronization of calendar, messages, photos and more, the first aimed at end users and the second a corporate or business users. My Microsoft Phone only offer 200 MB of free storage and will be remote.

Only the lack of competition iPhone, and we are, Mary Jo Foley of AllAboutMicrosoft, has just published that Microsoft is working on a model of Microsoft Zune Phone or Phone, but would be working on several reference designs for Windows Mobile. Which will be called Windows and Phone functions, to have greater control over the hardware as standard for third-party developers.

Skybox just confirmed the same week that the roadmap of Windows Mobile 6.5 and 7.0, it only remains to be confirmed Skymarket, store applications for Windows Mobile, which could also be submitted at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.