The first concert of music with iPhone. In Bologna, February 21

11:53 PM Edited by Blony

. In Bologna the pianist Teo Ciavarella held the first concert for iPhone, accompanied by other "real".

The Phone is not only an excellent multimedia phone, hidden inside a set of functions capable of generating a range of sounds and a mix of digital musical instruments to do envy the most sophisticated synthesizers.

With this insight, the pianist Teo Ciavarella, Professor of Jazz at the conservatories of Bologna and Ferrara, proposes for the first time a real "Concerto for iPhone", over and above the piano, sax, bass, percussion and voice. A live performance, where the iPhone interacts with other musical instruments creating sophisticated atmosphere ambient, electronic music where it merges with the world of improvisation.

The concert will be held on Sunday February 22, at 21, at the Wolf Music Club of Bologna.