First application of GPS with turn-by-turn for the iPhone

4:16 AM Edited by Blony

. After much discontent among application developers for the iPhone and some GPS application developers were not very happy with the actions of Apple iTunes Music Store comes to the first application of GPS with turn-by-turn for the iPhone, confirming that increasing use of maps through the mobile phone and that's a big deal.

The application is called G Map and only requires payment of 19.90 dollars and then it is free monthly. The update makes the iPhone AGPS, GPS + WiFi network, and the maps are only for United States and has 3D visualizations of some cities and highways.

Its function is to turn by turn with countdown and geolocation service stations, fuel and food. For those who have ever used a GPS to follow a route is very useful function to skip turns, with automatic renegotiation of the route.

Can be seen in operation in the following video:

There is another application waiting for their turn to leave the ring with a similar service and does not know how Apple will take this request as it was previously available in Cydia, and that Apple should not like him much.