BlackBerry Storm 500,000 sold worldwide

12:13 AM Edited by Blony

. According to the WSJ note of some of the directors of RIM BlackBerry Storm, the first BlackBerry touchscreen versions, and has sold over half a million units since its launch on November 21 worldwide.

All this has something to do with pricing strategy that has succeeded in imposing a BlackBerry mobile operators, all thanks to the attractive ARPU generating services BB. The excellent prices that are confirmed in promotions! We do not think we need to remember that you get the BlackBerry Storm at Vodafone Spain for 19 euros with contract and data plan.

We all remember the momentum that gave the Blackberry Storm when they said that "the BlackBerry Storm Netbooks are just that little more", so guess which is the expectation that he was put to the device.

"The sales and performance of the BlackBerry Storm have fallen short of our expectations," says the manager, but it confirms some software problems in the initial firmware versions. Also noted that the rates of return can be measured in single digits, a standard for a smartphone.