Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 in Argentina

12:16 AM Edited by Blony

RIM officially announced the launch of the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 in Argentina. This is the first Clamshell RIM's SureType keyboard and will be available in Argentina for the month of February, both for individuals and business users.

Its size, 107 mm high, 60 wide and 15 thick, and weighs 111 grams, making it the ideal team for the businessman who needs his BlackBerry but want to keep the look and discretion of a cell phone " byteIT with "as many people keep saying the Clamshell.

The BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 with light sensors to automatically adjust the light in its two LCD screens, the internal resolution of 320 × 240 pixels and the external 128 × 160 pixels, which obviously can be a preview of the SMS , calls and mails.

It has no GPS or 3G, only GPRS, but adds WiFi Byg, so you do not need much more than that to send and receive emails and surf the web. Is the 2 MPX camera with flash.

Still no details on price, but say they will be available for retail and business in February and to be consulted by mobile operators in Argentina to buy it.