Yes I can! Obama can continue using your BlackBerry

12:11 AM Edited by Blony

. The new U.S. president, Barack Obama, you can continue using your Blackberry, which confessed to a passionate, but their use is restricted and will be a BlackBerry version with "enhanced" security with a super powerful encryption software, spokesmen noted the White House. This way you can use the BlackBerry to keep in touch with senior officers and a very tight group of friends and family.

"I won the fight, but I do not think it is still up and running" Obama said during a brief visit to the press room of the White House and was portrayed by Newsweek. Still has not confirmed the model of Blackberry that will use from now on Obama, to be approved by the National Security Agency, which will soon be clarified when we see a more detailed picture.

We can say that the fact that Obama can continue using your BlackBerry is a second advertising success for RIM, unthinkable a few months ago, then banned if you use it would be a demonstration of lack of security and had already speculated on Windows-based computers Mobile.