5 free applications for the Blackberry Storm

1:15 AM Edited by Blony

. The people of Rimarkable just made a very interesting list, especially given that the Storm is very highly thought of after a firmware update;)

1 TalkLock serves to lock the screen while in a call to be active because,
in some applications soar with your face
2 VIIg not know if it is the best
feed reader for BlackBerry, but this safe and among the first to the latest
version lets you update your twitter directly;)
3. Google Maps the new
version adds to optimization for the display of the Storm
4. Slacker radio
online client that lets you have up to 100 stations and is something that I
missed because I'm downloading;)
5. Poynter a local search engine, but for
now, only for USA and operates the GPS of the Storm with great success