It comes with an LG camera MPX 12

1:17 AM Edited by Blony

The Sony Ericsson Idou was the first to be presented with a 12 MPX camera and some time ago that hinted that Samsung would be launching a camera-phone with that amount of megapixels.

Now the LG is also showing interest in lifting a mobile camera MPX 12. Did through Jeremy Newing, head of marketing in the UK, in an interview with TechRadar which said: "We will be launching a 12-MPX camera phone ... it is the same as when buying such a car, if you have two cars the same time obviously choose the one with the larger engine. " Girls know what they say about men with cars (or camera phones) large: P

Among the ways to differentiate themselves in the "War of the MPX 12", where users will be delighted not only continue to increase the number of MPX, Newing said lens quality, optical zoom, "beauty enhancer" (?) And detector Smile (will it be able to have the Smile Shutter?).

"However, it is important for people to realize that when taking a picture of MPX 12, will be using a lot of information, and will be more difficult to do things like send files," he said ... but that is something that should be hold you and not the users do not?

The photo shows a photoshop KC780, which is next to the two KC910 Renoir 8-megapixel mobile with which LG.