Motorola to put multitouch in most of its future phones?

6:38 PM Edited by Blony

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha has recently praised multitouch technology and, in an interview with Laptop Magazine, he stated that he thinks most of the company’s upcoming phones will “deliver multitouch”, mainly due to the fact that “the user feedback on multitouch is very good.”

As you may already know, Motorola’s latest flagship Android phone, the Droid, doesn’t have multitouch, although its European version – the Milestone – does offer this capability.

The absence of Droid’s multitouch may be explained by the fact that Apple holds a multitouch patent in the US (however, this hasn’t stopped Palm to put multitouch into the Pre).

Anyway, since Sanjay Jha is confident that multitouch will be featured in most of Moto’s new handsets, the company probably has some plans on how to overcome the issues that may appear.

Motorola’s CEO also mentioned that the company’s “focus on the software and user experience” will help it step ahead of manufacturers like LG and Dell – which have recently announced new Android phones. Mr. Jha further said that the Moto brand is also a reason for the company’s phones to be successful – “we do a lot of studies, and we’re probably the number one or number two brand in the U.S. in mobile, probably behind Apple.”

Via MobileCrunch