The world’s first broadcast app for iPhone: Knocking Live Video

6:11 PM Edited by Blony

Pointy Heads Software is the company that recently launched the first video broadcasting app for iPhone, called Knocking Live Video.

Basically, the Knocking Live Video app lets users instantly broadcast video content from one iPhone to another.

You don’t have to upload, send or download anything (save for the app itself). Just open Knocking Live Video Sharing, set up account and you’re ready to broadcast to your friends by aiming your iPhone’s camera at what you want them to see.

“Knocking Live Video is truly a breakthrough in technology and social media. At the most fundamental level, Knocking Live Video lets users be in the moment with friends and family, regardless of distance,” proudly declared Jim Montalto co-founder of Knocking and Pointy Heads Software.

Knocking Live Video is available at the App Store and it’s free for the first 50,000 users.

Via Press release