Samsung Corby S3650W with WiFi Support

4:19 AM Edited by Blony

Samsung will soon launch a new phone in its Corby lineup. The new model will be called Samsung Corby S3650W.

The new phone Samsung Corby S3650W is practically no different from Samsung Corby S3650, which appeared in the mobile market recently. The only difference of the two phones is that Corby S3650W will have WiFi network support.

There are no details about the characteristics of the new phone yet, but most likely it will include a touch screen display with a resolution of QVGA, 2-megapixel camera, quad-networks GSM / EDGE, as well as easier access to social network resources (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

It has become a tradition in practice of the South Korean company to improve the models produced using WiFi Module. A similar story happened with the phone Star S5230, which later received a modification version called Star S5230W.

Via mobileinfos