Samsung Corby Pop to be even cheaper than the original Corby

8:12 AM Edited by Blony

The Samsung Corby S3650 is already a basic, affordable phone, and yet there may be customers who want an even cheaper – but similar – handset.

Well, it looks like Samsung is readying a Corby Pop to further expand its Corby line-up. The new phone should cost less than the S3650 and come with features like: FM radio, 1.3MP camera, 22MB of internal memory, and a 960 mAh battery (for a talk time of up to 8 hours).

The Corby Pop (notice the name – also used by LG for its GD510 Pop) should also come with a touchscreen display (probably QVGA), access to popular social networking sites, and apps like Parlingo IM.

Samsung Corby Pop should be launched in India first, priced at under 7,000 INR (about $150).

Via Cell Passion