Opera Mobile 10 beta 2 for S60 and Windows Mobile released

9:13 AM Edited by Blony

Opera has announced a new beta version of its Opera Mobile browser for Windows Mobile and Symbian S60, namely Opera Mobile 10 beta 2.

There are many enhancements and new features in Opera Mobile 10 beta 2, for both WinMo and S60, including: a more finger-friendly UI for touchscreen phones, download manager, Opera Link, better memory management and so on.

Some new features are for Windows Mobile only: shortcut support, the possibility of making Opera as default browser when installing it, and a fix for crash at startup.

Since this is a beta version, there are also some issues, like no support for non-touch WM handsets, and no plug-in support (for both WM and S60).

To download Opera Mobile 10 beta 2 for Windows Mobile or Symbian S60, visit Opera’s website.

Via Opera