LCD makers about the Nokia suit: it’s not that easy to fix prices for small LCD panels

9:12 AM Edited by Blony

Shortly after the news about Nokia’s lawsuit against big LCD makers hit the Web, some “sources with Taiwan’s panel sector” have declared that it’s actually hard for manufacturers to control prices in the small to medium-size LCD panel market, because there are quite many companies that compete in this sector.

In other words, Nokia may be wrongfully accusing Samsung, LG, Sharp, AU Optronics and others for conspiring to fix LCD prices.

Taiwan sources also note that another aspect which makes controlling LCD prices difficult is the existence of alternative technologies like CSTN and AMOLED – although, as far as I know, Nokia didn’t have any AMOLED-equipped phone in 2006 (the period for which the Finnish company seeks damages for the alleged LCD price fixing).

Via DigiTimes