Nokia Image Space app provides a new way of viewing photos

1:24 AM Edited by Blony

Nokia Image Space is the latest mobile app to come out of Nokia’s Beta Labs. Basically, this is an application that lets you take photos and instantly upload them on Flickr – but wait, there’s more: the app also allows “spatial browsing of photos”.

After you’ve taken a photo with a phone that has the Nokia Image Space Capture app, you can upload it on your Flickr account. The photo is geotagged and features orientation information in the metadata – this way, photos from different users can be contextually linked. If there are enough photos of a place, Nokia Image Space can even create a 3D view of said place.

To use the Nokia Image Space Capture app you’ll need an S60 (3.2 or 5.0) Nokia phone with built-in compass (like Nokia N97 mini, Nokia 6720 Classic, Nokia 6210 Navigator and Nokia 6710 Navigator). The Nokia Image Space browser requires Firefox, IE or Safari with Adobe Flash 10.

Nokia Image Space Capture can be downloaded from here.

Via Nokia Beta Labs Blog