Acer to launch Brew phones in 2010?

1:27 AM Edited by Blony

We know that Acer plans to introduce 8 to 10 new handsets next year, some with Android and others with Windows Mobile on board.

But it looks like the world’s second largest computer maker also wants to enter the featurephone market.

The company is considering “in-house development” of handsets based on Qualcomm’s Brew platform, in order to attract more interest from mobile operators, as well as to compete with HTC.

Brew aside, Acer has recently added 30 members to its Android R&D team, for strengthening “its handset design capability.” The new employees come from Mitac, which makes the Mio smartphones and Personal Navigation Devices. According to Taiwanese sources, Acer’s smartphone R&D team currently includes 400-500 people and it may be expanded to 750.

Three of Acer’s upcoming entry-level Android smartphones will use ST-Ericsson PNX6719 3G chipsets, being outsourced to Foxconn (the manufacturer of Apple’s 4th generation iPhone), while Acer’s entry-level Windows phones will be outsourced to Inventec.

Via DigiTimes