Monocle offers custom BlackBerry 9700 for the discerning business traveler

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Looking for a BlackBerry for yourself or a special someone that's unique but not in a Colorware sort of way? Then you might just want to consider ponying up for this new limited edition BlackBerry 9700 crafted by the folks at Monocle in partnership with RIM. It'll cost you a hefty £950 (or just over $1,500), but that will get you the gift of confidence that this is one of just 100, along with some suitably luxurious touches like a custom leather strap, a reminder of its rarity on the back, Monocle's 25/25 travel guides pre-loaded on the device, a few custom wallpapers, and even a 16GB microSD card thrown in for good measure. Alright, so maybe it's a bit tough to justify the $1,000+ premium, but those ready to throw caution to the wind can expect their order to ship on December 10th.

Via Acquire


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